15 decembrie 2017

Ana Maria Cornea on the cover of Elegantine magazine

Our fashion designer Ana Maria Cornea on the cover of Elegantine magazine with a full coverage interview.
10 ianuarie 2018

AMC in

Ana Maria Cornea’s must-have articles in Second Nature – inocență și întuneric
10 ianuarie 2018

Jardin du Soleil on Atelierele Ilbah’s website

“Jardin du Soleil” spring-summer collection on the Atelierele Ilbah’s website Noua colectie Ana Maria Cornea, romantica si diafana
15 decembrie 2017

AMC on Glamour Magazine

Our fashion designer Ana Maria Cornea next to the Zoe dress in August’s issue of Glamour magazine.
10 ianuarie 2018

AMC Dress in Cosmopolitan

The Arianna white dress in May issue of Cosmopolitan magazine.
3 decembrie 2017

Skirt by Ana Maria Cornea in Glamour Magazine

The elegance and sophistication are in alchemy of details! Glamour Magazine knows this and in the March issue, spoils us with some wonderful ideas for an […]
15 decembrie 2017

Borderline collection online on presents an amazing article about “Borderline” fall-winter collection. Borderline by Ana Maria Cornea
10 ianuarie 2018

AMC on Avantaje magazine

The wonderful Georgia blue dress in December issue of Avantaje magazine
10 ianuarie 2018

AMC jacket in Joy

Our beautiful black and white Scarlett jacket in December issue of Joy magazine.
10 ianuarie 2018

“Glam Diva” on

“Glam Diva” spring-summer collection on